Brian began working in Hollywood as an assistant and orchestrator on more than 150 episodes of Family Guy and American Dad in the storied scoring stages of Fox, Sony, Paramount, and Warner Bros. During which time he developed a deep affinity for what might be considered the musical language of Hollywood’s golden era. This led to a fruitful relationship with film makers David Dodson and Marius Balchunas, spanning 10 feature films since 2013, including the Russian Comedy of the Year in 2013 (8 First Dates), and the most successful film in the history of Ukrainian cinema (Me You He She, 2018), starring Volodymyr Zelensky.

In 2018 he moved into a new studio space in Burbank housed within the post production facility Aura Sound and Color. Housing an arsenal of vintage and modern synthesizers, a Hammond Organ, a vintage Winter upright piano, and an ever growing collection of percussion, the cozy suite of rooms include a main writing room, a booth, an assistant room, and an instrument storage room.

In September of 2018, Brian was commissioned by the Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix to write a work in commemoration of their 90th anniversary, which will be premiered in a concert series in April/May of 2019. More recently, Brian has written new title themes for shows on USA (Growing Up Chrisley) and Discovery (Breaking Homocide).

He holds cats... as well as degrees in music composition from Pepperdine University (B.A.), and Arizona State University (M.M.)

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“The modern production climate is a sophisticated and dynamic one, which requires composers to fill many roles,  juggle multiple hats, and see to it that they all land, fitting perfectly upon their respective heads like bespoke attire. We are often performing what we dream, producing what we write, and mixing what we capture. Whatever the desired ends, we simply strive to seize the best ideas in the room, and realize them into the project. The invitation to collaborate in the design and execution of a director's vision is an honor and journey of transformation that can lead us to our best selves.”