The modern production climate requires that composers play more than one role,  juggle a few hats and see to it that they all land, fitting perfectly upon their respective heads like bespoke attire. We often record what we write, mix what we produce, and perform what we have dreamt. Whatever the demands, we simply strive to seize the best idea in the room, and deliver it to the world. The invitation to collaborate in the design and execution of a director's vision is a journey of transformation that can lead us to our best selves.

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Brian began his start in Hollywood working on more than 150 episodes of Family Guy and American Dad in the storied scoring stages of Fox, Sony, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Orchestrating and producing music for some of the largest TV orchestras ever recorded, he developed a deep affinity and fluency in what might be considered the language of Hollywood’s golden era, which has led to a fruitful relationship with directors David Dodson and Marius Balchunas, spanning 7 films since 2013. More recently, he has expanded his studio to incorporate a host of modular and vintage synthesizers, which can be heard in the score of the forthcoming film, The Landing.  

He holds cats... and also degrees in music composition from Pepperdine University (B.A.), and Arizona State University (M.M.)