Brian first found his way into music through a piano given to him by a great aunt when he was 2 years old. Raised in a spritual family, he first began playing music by teaching himself hymns he heard at church. Accordion lessons followed at age 5, a Casio keyboard at 11, a Trombone at 13, and a four-track tape machine, a Roland D-20 and an Ibanez RG 550 at 15; gifts which led to many enthusiastic, though mediocre recordings ranging from Led Zepplin to Chick Corea, as well as original mock-TV show themes and music for imaginary Fantasy films.



Initially applying to study advertising, Brian was awarded a scholarship to study music at Pepperdine University. Playing Trombone and Piano along side some of LA's finest session musicians in the half student/half pro orchestra, and singing on a session for David Foster's "Quest for Camelot" score at his Malibu studio helped to spark an interest in pursuing a career in film and tv music rather than continuing down an academic road. After completing a Master's degree at Arizona State University, Brian abandoned his Ph.D plans and decided to move to LA.


While teaching piano lessons, he quickly became involved in writing songs, arranging strings, and producing demos for various artists... which eventually lead to his work with Colbie Caillat as a keyboardist and string arranger, and many seasons as an orchestrator and source-cue/sound-a-like producer on Fox's Family Guy (9 Seasons) and American Dad (4 Seasons). In 2012, Brian began a working relationship with award winning Russian film maker Marius Weisberg and director/editor David Dodson, whose love for live orchestral music continues to afford him opportunities to work with the world-class musicians he developed relationships with while on Family Guy. Additionally, Brian is a co-founder of WaxLab Music, a commercial music production company that has served clients such as Verizon, Adobe, Nature Made, Honda, Activision, The Isreal Ministry of Tourism, and Microsoft.